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Kamiros Skala Port Transfers

Organize your transfer from or to the port of Kamiros Skala to any location on the island with the Rhodes Apex.
Do you arrive in Rhodes by boat in Kamiros Skala and do you need a means of transportation for you and your family?
Our experienced Chauffer will be waiting for you and your loved ones at the dock immediately after your arrival at the port of Kamiros Skala for your private transport.
Your driver will help you load your luggage in the vehicle and will ensure that the road trip to your destination will take place without delays with comfort and complete safety!

Port of Kamiros Skala to Rhodes Airport

By far the best and most comfortable way to get to Rhodes airport if your starting point is the port of Kamiros Skalastress for free and always on time!

Kamiros Port Skala in your hotel or apartment

After your arrival at the port of Kamyros Skala, whether you are arriving on the island for the first time or returning from a wonderful mini cruise, just book your transfer with the Rhodes Apex in Comfort and Style.

The port of Kamiros Skala to the port of Rhodes

Have you arrived at Kamiros Skala and do you have to transfer to another port to continue your journey to another beautiful island from the port of Rhodes? We will be waiting for you to transport you and your loved ones on time, comfortably and safely.

Plan your transfer

Or just use our reservation system, enter the pick-up location and your destination we will calculate and give you the Best possible price for your Private Transfer depending on the kilometers you travel and the choice of car.
This way you can choose any location and get the information you need about the price and the time it takes to get to your destination immediately and if you agree you can proceed with the booking without further delays!