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Private Tour Rhodes Town and Kallithea Springs

Private Tour Rhodes Town and Kallithea Springs

City of Rhodes

As we reach the city of Rhodes, we go first to the hill of Monte Smith where the Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes was built.
There we meet the Temple of Apollo.From Monte Smith Hill we have an impressive View from the East side where we see the whole city of Rhodes up to the port and from the west side, if the weather is good, we can see the opposite coast of Asia Minor.Leaving from there, descending we go to the ancient stadium of Diagoras, where the games in honor of the sun god took place.
Right next to it we see the conservatory where various musical performances were organized.

Rhodes Old Town

Next stop is the Old Town of Rhodes. Entering the Old Town, we meet in front of us the ancient Museum where the hospital of the Knights was housed.
There are important burial exhibits from the ancient cities of Kameiros and Ialyssos.
Right next door we see the street of the Knights, the most famous street of the old city.
It is 200 meters long and at the end we reach the palace of the Grand Master.
An imposing building, which now functions as a museum.
Inside you can find exhibits from the period of the Knights, such as armor, statues, carpets, furniture, etc.
There is solid information that the Colossus of Rhodes was standing in front of the palace and not at the entrance of the port.
Leaving from there we proceed vertically and reach Socrates Street where our guests have the opportunity to do their shopping.

Kalithea Springs

We leave the city of Rhodes and reach the springs of Kallithea.
There we enjoy the unique Italian architecture, since the Italians first built it in 1927, the impressive buildings and of course we can swim in its beautiful beaches.

Estimated duration of the trip
09: 00- 15:00
Note: 09:00 we are already in Monte Smith and 15:00 departure from Kallithea.

Available: from 01-04-2024 until 30-11-2024
Days: all weekdays
Group of people: 1 - 8
Tour Price: €190.00
Tour Guide Available (+€200.00)
Private Tour

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