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Safari Rhodes

There is a way, to ‘truly’ experience the island. You can choose. Have a fantastic time driving one of our off-road vehicles. On this tour, we will take you to places you would never be able to see otherwise. You will be given an unusual and intimate look at the many facets this island has to offer. This extraordinary journey begins from your hotel and is finishing in your heart.  

Self-drive Jeep Safari On this tour we use air conditioned Suzuki Jimnys for 4 persons. In case guests are with less than 4 persons, the car will be shared or booked privately for an extra charge per empty seat. Guests are allowed to drive themselves if they have their driving license for a minimum of 2 years and are minimum 21 years old. They should have their valid driving license with them. For the excursion to run, a minimum of 8 participants total is required.  

Self-drive Program North: Start by being picked up at your hotel and drive through beautiful nature, fun off-roads and traditional villages to the Seven Springs. Walk the famous tiny tunnel, explore the springs or enjoy your coffee. Make the second scheduled stop in Archipoli for some food tastings. Taste a variety of different local products including various honeys, souma, olive oil, local sweets, and fresh seasonal fruits. The third stop will be at the little chapel Fountoukli, where empty water bottles can be filled with spring water and final a great lunch and a dip in the Aegean Sea. (lunch is optional and not included in the price).

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